Seven weeks in the life of YuzeData

what YuzeData has been up to

One of the truisms in early-stage businesses is that a week or a month can be a long time. Not in a bad way of course, but each week, or each month, has more than a few fairly significant events. That has been my experience in the past, and since joining YuzeData in early October, […]

YuzeData welcomes Dan Weinfurter as CEO


The past 10 months have been very compelling for YuzeData, as we transitioned from an idea to a business. We made great progress and are ready to start the next phase of our journey. And that phase starts with an exciting announcement: Dan Weinfurter has joined our company as CEO. Dan is a successful entrepreneur […]

We’re on a mission

We're on a mission

Great technology companies live at the intersection of impactful innovation and meaningful mission. I’ll leave it to our tech wizards to share more about our exciting innovation at YuzeData but allow me to spotlight our mission….and why it is so important to our team – and in the end, our success.  We put human insight […]

Hello world!!


It is my pleasure to introduce YuzeData, our exciting new software company building the world’s first Machine Intelligence Collaboration Platform.