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ESG Master Data

ESG Managed Services

ESG compliance and performance improvement expectations have emerged very quickly.  Meanwhile, the underlying data is fragile and complicated.  Surveys and manual data collection will not deliver trustworthy data or scale efficiently.  With YuzeData managed services, you can outsource Year 1 of the ESG data management process and then bring the work inhouse after the foundation has been built and your teams have been trained.

Products and services that meet you where you are in the ESG journey.

Automated Data Collection

Our experts will set up, validate and automate your ESG data pipeline.  Any issues, updates or improvements are turn-key managed by YuzeData.

Validation and Assurance

Each data point has a complete audit trail and meta data for assurance.  Your team will be fully prepared for the audit process – we will be the data experts you need.

Feed Reporting Tool

YuzeData will connect your ESG data pipeline to your chosen reporting and disclosure tool.  We will automatically and efficiently feed valid and approved data.


Stress-Free ESG

High touch support while you need it

Take the stress out of ESG and Sustainability reporting by engaging with YuzeData and our partners to do all the heavy lifting for you. YuzeData’s managed services for ESG can fully automate your ESG data landscape making your data fully accessible, accurate and actionable. It can be 100% managed for you in year 1 and then handed over for self-service in future years.

Data as a Change Agent

Focus on performance, not reporting

To turn your ESG data into a true Change Agent you need to fully automate your data landscape in a modern and productized way that makes it efficient and effective to manage and maintain. The YuzeData Intelligence Platform does this by combining deep domain expertise with the latest innovations in AI, automation, and collaboration, YuzeData is the easiest way to achieve smarter outcomes with data.

De-risk ESG in this phase

Scale up as needed

With a multitude of reporting frameworks and regulatory standards to comply with our ESG Managed Services can de-risk and scale up your capacity to excel. YuzeData accelerates you to trusted investor-grade ESG data enabling:

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