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We are looking for top talent that shares our passion to do big things; the right way. 

We value experience – helpful to getting there faster. 

We require character – both the ‘values’ kind and the ‘sense of humor’ kind.


We are an agile team that believes deeply in transparency, alignment and collaboration.

A core value for us is to challenge each other for the very best.

We are committed to cherishing this journey and our community.



Our mission is To Put Human Insights into Machine Intelligence.  It governs our roadmap, too.

We believe data is only intelligent when informed by domain experts.

Our team shares that Mission and is comprised of those experts.

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We launched YuzeData with a talented and versatile group of collaborators.  We found our market, we built our platform and customers are now onboarding.  It is time to prepare for global acceleration – which starts with aggressively growing our global team.  Sound fun and worthwhile?  Share some background below and let’s start a conversation.