Connect data, launch intelligence, collaborate... improve outcomes

AI-driven natural language engagement for ease of use and improved performance


Use AI to simply set up and manage ESG and EHSQ data pipeline


AI-driven anomaly detection and natural language engagement to help verification


Deploy AI-driven programs and automated action to drive urgent, focused action


The advent of Artificial Intelligence has created new possibilities for user experience, automated action and improved outcomes delivered by the YuzeData Plaform.  Our strategy is to inform AI with domain intelligence that reflects the nuances of your industry and your requirements.

Key AI-driven features delivered by the YuzeData Platform include:

Feed ESG reports

Co-Pilot user support

Natural Language Engagement

Users can engage with their data and programs by asking natural language questions and receive informative, automated responses.

Anomaly detection

Automated detections and alerts

Automated comparison of your Operating Policies to real time operating data to search for and find variances requiring action.

Data into Action

automated action

Turn your data into action

Domain informed automated action is launched when data events occur, improving outcomes and managing risk.

3rd Party ai models

Your model deployed on our platform

Leverage the YuzeData plug-in features to deploy 3rd party AI models against your data.  Your data; your model; automated action.

connected data