ESG and EHSQ Connector Library

Purpose Built Connectors for your data and your requirements

More than just API middleware

End to End Template Integrations

We deliver maintained end to end integrations for ESG & EHSQ that are much more than just a point to point data transfer. YuzeData integrations deliver value as data flows with the following key features:

Connected Eco System

Your Connected Roadmap

200+ connectors are available out of the box that integrate with expert ESG & EHSQ source systems, industry bodies, and industry standard tools.  Connectors cover categories such as IOT, ERP, EAM, HCM, EHS, SCM, LIMS, BI, ESG and many more.

New connectors are constantly added on demand.

If you decide to replace a source or output system in your data flows with another; our template settings make it easy to just slot the new system in to maintain your existing data flows.