About Us

Domain Passion

Data and Ai are only as good as the experts building them. We believe those builders NEED to be experts in ESG and EHSQ to deliver the ambitious expectations of the future

About YuzeData

The YuzeData team understands the challenges IT and business users are facing. Delivering automated action, alignment on outcomes and collaboration across your organization remains hard. Our team appreciates this based on years in domain-driven enterprise software. We started YuzeData in 2021 to help companies to drive improved performance with the Connected Data Platform for ESG and EHSQ.

YuzeData Leadership Team | Mark Cullum

Much has been accomplished in sustainability in the last decade. But there is no time to rest. Increasing expectations for performance and compliance emerge at the same time as data and AI capabilities accelerate. These are exciting times – and there is much we can accomplish together.

Mark Cullum on Creative Disruption

YuzeData Leadership Team | Noelle Harvey

Our team has worked with the largest companies in the world to deliver better outcomes, safety and sustainability.  We are thrilled to continue such collaboration in the modern data and intelligence era.  The technology has changed – but the collaboration and focus on improved outcomes remains our focus.

Noelle Harvey on Customer Outcomes

YuzeData Chairman | Chris Joseph

My journey as a sustainability-inspired professional began in 2015. The sustainability message then still stands today: The momentum is too great. This is not about governments and regulations. As leaders in business, we can set the priorities, make the investments and create a more sustainable world.

Chris Joseph on Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission

We Put Human Insight Into Machine Intelligence

We believe data-driven intelligence has come a long way, but business users and domain experts aren’t at the center yet. That’s what the YuzeData team sets out to change. Our mission describes the key: We put human insight into machine intelligence.

Here is our promise to our customers and partners


We innovate to finish the last mile of digital transformation with brilliant user experience

Exceptional Care

Taking exceptional care of our customers, partners and our team is key

Only the Very Best

To deliver our mission to our users, we challenge ourselves to be the very best