We’re on a mission

We're on a mission

Great technology companies live at the intersection of impactful innovation and meaningful mission. I’ll leave it to our tech wizards to share more about our exciting innovation at YuzeData but allow me to spotlight our mission….and why it is so important to our team – and in the end, our success. 

We put human insight into machine intelligence

That is what we set out to do at YuzeData; that is our mission. We strongly believe a company’s domain experts (or SMEs) hold the key to driving focused action at scale from machine intelligence. Their secret weapon, domain intelligence, can give machine data context AND value. And today, that seems to be where many enterprises are still facing challenges. By adding human insight to the available machine data for a specific use case, we help them overcome those challenges with our Machine Intelligence Collaboration platform TM . One YuzeCase at a time… 

So YuzeData is not so much about data but all about people.  

It’s about the 10 founding advisors, each bringing their passion and expertise to the table.  

It’s about our product and development team, dedicating their talent and skills to develop what we believe is a game-changer.  

And most of all, it is about the community of SMEs. With our platform, we empower them to make a significant difference to their company and co-workers, and more broadly to their industry by sharing their expertise.  

This is a fun time to be part of a technology company on a mission. Many of you know that feeling!  Which means you know that for a mission to matter it must genuinely resonate personally. This is personal for us. We have been in the enterprise software space for a long time. We believe we have ‘unfinished business’ to complete on behalf of the legion of industry experts that run our industries.  

This in essence is why we are passionate about YuzeData. We are creating technology for good, technology that has human strength at its core. 

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