YuzeData Platform

The Connected Data Platform for ESG and EHSQ

You can’t TRUST the data until you fix the data problem

The YuzeData Difference

Agnostic to the data source, the YuzeData platform connects to where the data sits today. Pre-built programs and connectors, designed by ESG and EHSQ experts, transform and deliver targeted automated action that improves outcomes. This is delivered by a modern architecture that brings intelligence models to wherever your data rests today.

Pre-built use cases

Accelerate Success

A library of ESG and EHSQ expert designed use cases built to surface the right leading indicator data and connect it with the required automated action to deliver new levels of performance.


Improve Outcomes

Collaboration tools make it easy for the right people, inside or outside your organization, to see and act upon leading indicator data on a real-time basis. Sharing reports is helpful, but we make it possible to share data and automation that actually improves the results in that report.

Scope 3 Supplier Emissions Consolidation & Reporting

Sharing at scale

Supply Chain Ready

Through its modern architecture, YuzeData Federation makes it easy for customers to mirror data across company boundaries, and securely control who can view and access that data for reporting and performance management.

Supply chain integration is a key requirement for improving EHSQ performance and reducing Scope 3 emissions. YuzeData makes it easy to engage suppliers in a trusted data management process.

Platform Security


Built entirely on the Microsoft Azure platform, YuzeData benefits from best of breed Microsoft security. 

We proudly maintain ISO 27001 Compliance Certification.

We are SOC2 Type I certified and our Type II Certification is currently in progress (Q1 2024). 

As part of our audited compliance, our policies, controls and monitoring cover penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and data protection amongst others.

ISO 27001 certification


A self-service, single-source of truth for all consumers of data.


Combining traceable data sources with business context to achieve your goals.


Leverage data in real-time to drive automation and outcomes.