YuzeData delivers improved EHSQ performance at the speed of business

Turn SILOED data into enterprise knowledge and ACTION

EHSQ Optimization

Our EHSQ Optimization product makes it easy to focus on your leading indicators with the following features

Pre-built leading indicator programs

Domain expert-built intelligence

Move from reactive to proactive data monitoring and leverage pre-built programs, created by experts, that bring operational leading indicator data from varying sources to your existing EHSQ tools and processes.

Programs can be deployed as a whole or in parts with performance metrics and collaboration tools available to keep your program team on track.

Connected EHSQ ecosystem

Connect your siloed data

Leverage a library of connectors from EHSQ source and master data management systems to EHSQ reporting, Risk Management and BI tools. Connectors cover categories such as IOT, ERP, EAM, HCM, EHS, SCM, LIMS, BI. New connectors added on demand. Stream real time data from siloed EHSQ tools together in one view.

Operations/Plant/Facility predictive monitoring and action

EHSQ + Operations = Better outcomes

Go beyond corporate level EHSQ management by equipping operations teams with real time source system monitoring for their most important leading indicators – changes in the data can trigger actions for local teams plus automated actions in corporate EHSQ platforms.

With access to operational data and plant-level systems, YuzeData makes it easy to adopt predictive AI models without having to replace existing tools.

Collaboration and reporting

Align teams, improve outcomes

With transparency across siloed EHSQ source data and corporate tools, EHSQ program leaders can collaborate on emerging operational risks, view automated actions triggered in operations and drive progress on programs that demand a more real time monitoring approach.


A self-service, single-source of truth for all consumers of data.


Combining traceable data sources with business context to achieve your goals.


Leverage data in real-time to drive automation and outcomes.