YuzeData converts your ESG data into accessible, accurate and actionable assets

You can’t TRUST the data until you fix the data problem

A mockup of the platform for ESG and Finance

ESG Data Automation

Our ESG Data Automation platform makes it easy to build, deploy and operate ESG data connections with the following features:

ESG API Gateway

Built for purpose connectors

Leverage a library of hundreds of connectors from ESG source and master data management systems to ESG reporting, ESG disclosure and BI tools. Connectors cover categories such as ERP, HCM, EHS, ESG, SCM, IOT, BI. New connectors added on demand.

Connectors and data requests

Meet your data, wherever it is

Prebuilt domain connectors automate ESG data collection for reporting and performance management from operations. Where data sources are not yet automated, issue standardized domain-specific data requests for forms- or excel-based data collection.

IT Data Pipeline Management

Efficiently manage data pipeline

Transform raw data into cleansed and trusted foundational data for use in multiple ESG processes and tools, with minimal overhead to your internal IT teams. Flexibility to update the data flow to support new ESG business processes as they emerge. 

With YuzeData federation, it’s easy to involve the supply chain in your data pipeline and have suppliers upload automated or manual data. 

Verifiable, traceable and complete data

Assurance delivered

Fully complete audit trails and meta data records that build data trust, provide auditable governance and verification of data sources and save time on assurance.

In-built anomaly detection improves data quality and completeness while reducing manual time needed to validate data.

ESG Report Feeding

You pick the tool; we feed the data

Automatically feed your ESG management and reporting tools with valid and approved data. Simulate end of year reporting with earlier more frequent report population based on accurate data from operations.

pre-built programs

Expertise delivered

Built by experts, the YuzeData Program library comes pre-populated with 150+ programs and YuzeCases all designed to achieve key industry-specific goals in ESG and sustainability performance management, that rely on gathering complex data from varying sources. 

Programs can be deployed as a whole or in parts with performance metrics and collaboration tools available to keep your program team on track.


A self-service, single-source of truth for all consumers of data.


Combining traceable data sources with business context to achieve your goals.


Leverage data in real-time to drive automation and outcomes.