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It is my pleasure to introduce YuzeData, our exciting new software company building the world’s first Machine Intelligence Collaboration Platform. Our team has been working with enterprise software customers for years. They tell us that data and intelligence are both the solution… and the problem.  While much has been accomplished aggregating and analyzing data, business leaders are still waiting … for control, for impact, for the ability to drive machine intelligence to improve performance.


If you are interested in

combining data from different sources

… and you want to do that at scale… then we believe YuzeData is for you.

Our platform is use case driven – hence YuzeData – so we have made it crazy simple for domain experts to Create, Connect, Share and Operate YuzeCases that fit the unique nuances of your business.


Our approach values community and collaboration

Community – gurus can create and share YuzeCases whether they sit inside your ORG, are engaged as a strategic advisor, or are a thought leader in the community with an idea that may go viral.

Collaboration – YuzeCases are private to your company, easily shared with your teams and businesses.  Should you choose, you can also share and operate programs with your supply chain.  You can even post them in our public marketplace to advance helpful best practices.

We are excited by the support we are receiving from global enterprises, leading strategic advisors and key technology partners.  If you are interested in our Customer Pilot Program or our YuzeCase Creator community, please fill in the form below for more information.

And so it begins …

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