Platform overview

Our mission at YuzeData is to Put Human Insight into Machine Intelligence. To advance that mission and support our customers we have built a platform that makes it easy to connect to data, deploy intelligence models, and align teams. As EHSQ and ESG veterans, our top priority is deploying our platform to improve the sustainability of enterprises around the world. Our ESG solutions simplify connecting to the disparate data needed for ESG reporting, then utilize that data to improve ESG performance with automated action and collaboration. The EHSQ solutions are designed to leverage your existing EHSQ software, in combination with broad operating data, to become more predictive and impactful.

Why we are different

You can’t leverage ESG and EHSQ data if you don’t deeply understand it. It starts with being truly agnostic to the data source – multiple EHSQ solutions or pure operating data – if it has value we leverage it. We accelerate all of this with pre-built programs and connectors designed by our ESG and EHSQ experts. Reporting is important and we simplify feeding data to your reports. But at YuzeData, we go past reporting and focus on targeted automated action that improves outcomes. Finally, all of this is delivered by a modern architecture that brings intelligence models to wherever your data rests today.

To help you transform your data into action, we offer a library of ESG and EHSQ expert designed use cases built to surface the right leading indicator data and connect it with the required automated action to deliver new levels of performance.  

Team engagement around real-time leading indicator data opens up new opportunity. Through collaboration tools, we make it easy for the right people, inside or outside your organization, to see and act upon leading indicator data on a real-time basis. Sharing reports is helpful, but we make it possible to share data and automation that actually improves the results in that report.

Sharing data between companies securely has always been a challenge. Through its modern architecture, YuzeData Federation makes it easy for customers to mirror data across company boundaries, and securely control who can view and access that data for reporting and performance management.

How it works

YuzeData made it very simple to reach and utilize the disparate data vital to ESG and EHSQ reporting and performance improvement. We do this with modern data tools informed by expert-built connectors and automated action. 

Select from our library a pre-built ESG or EHSQ use case that is focused on the vital outcome you need to deliver and adapt that use case to fit your needs.
Step 1
Connect data sources and outputs with our pre-built industry specific connectors; or we can build them for you with our Connectors as a Service offering.
Step 2
Deploy your use case by setting key outcome goals, assigning teams and owners, and driving aligned action.
Step 3
Manage performance with real time dashboards and alerts, plus collaboration tools that facilitate communication, best practices and community engagement to deliver outcomes.
Step 4