Platform overview

The YuzeData platform helps you plan, execute, and follow up on use case programs in real-time to deliver the outcomes that are vital to the sustainability and performance of your company. We combine modern data integration and automated action with market-leading collaboration tools that empower business users and domain experts.

What we help you with

Built around use cases, the YuzeData platform empowers you to achieve outcomes for specific business challenges leveraging the data and the insights that are already available within your organization.

Bringing all the relevant data together can be hard work. YuzeData helps you connect all your disparate data sources around specific use cases, so you are sure to drive actions and reports based on the right data. 

To achieve critical outcomes, you need to facilitate collaboration, and align everyone involved –coworkers, partners, suppliers, teams, and sites. Rolling out use cases across your organization guarantees everyone remains focused on the same outcome and process.

Transforming your data to actionable insights requires the knowledge and direction of your domain experts at every step. We bring intelligence to the data to ensure the right outcomes.  

Define the right next steps based on the insights from your domain experts and build out the automation to trigger real-time action and intervention across your organization. Once in place, you can track your progress in real time.

How it works

We made it very simple for business users to achieve more from their data in terms of alignment on action and outcomes across the organization.

Build out the workflow for your use case. Create a use case template to achieve your specific outcome or select one from our library of pre-built use cases and adapt it to fit your needs, leveraging the insights and direction from your domain experts.
Step 1
Easily share your use case template with your teams, partners and supply chain to drive alignment on outcomes. In this way intelligence goes viral across your organization.
Step 2
Automate your use case with our pre-built connectors for all of your data. Your co-workers or partners can connect the template to the relevant systems and tools and deploy it.
Step 3
Manage deployed use cases and programs from the command center, creating visibility and accountability for performance.​ Dashboards show status and progress in real time.
Step 4