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YuzeData helps you to easily set up your ESG Operations, EHSQ Optimization and Connected Data use cases. You can leverage pre-built use case templates from our extensive YuzeData use cases library, created by true domain experts, to fit your business needs.

By organizing use cases in programs, we enable you to drive alignment across your organization and ensure everyone targets the same outcomes. It also gives you real-time insights in the progress and status of your efforts.

Check out some of our use case programs.

ESG Operations use cases

Emissions Management Scope 1 & 2

Automate the recording of Scope 1 and 2 emissions and apply intelligent use case models to support decarbonization

Scope 3 Supplier Emissions Consolidation & Reporting

Orchestrate, automate, and federate the recording of the Scope 3 data from your supply chain and monitor your performance in real time

Water Consumption Reduction

Monitor your water consumption footprint and build use case models to automate intervention and controls to improve your overall consumption levels

Workforce on living wages

Deploy use case models to monitor, report and intervene on the percentage of your workforce on modern living wages, employed directly or in your supply chain

Ethical Behavior

Monitor key metrics and indicators of ethical behavior across the business and initiate intervention if expectations are breached

Environmental KPIs for Sustainability-Linked Loans

Monitor a borrower’s Environmental Sustainability profile over the term of a Sustainability-Linked Loan using one or more sustainability KPIs

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EHSQ Optimization use cases

behavior-based leading indicators

Deploy use cases to measure the behavior or actions of individuals or groups in the workplace

improve loto program performance

Support a facility or specific operation by improving their Lock Out Tag Out and isolation management planning and performance

Automated Safety Observation

Automate the logging and recording of safety observations from the data available from operations to identify patterns and drive action where needed

Monthly EHSQ Report Automation

Eliminate manual data entry and enable the deployment of intelligence models that track poor performance and automatically trigger CAPA

These are only a few of our EHSQ Optimization use cases. Request a demo and find out more.

Connected Data use cases

Major Plant Single Point of failure

Deploy intelligence to monitor, assess, alert, and drive automated action if the critical single points of failure at a major production plant become at risk


Deploy use cases to get a clear oversight on asset utilization, maintenance, safety and emissions

Tower Cranes

Deploy use case models to get an oversight on crane utilization, safety, emissions and maintenance for optimal operation of your tower cranes

wind farm control room monitoring

Deploy use cases to collect data from monitoring systems and send alerts if defined thresholds are passed or alarms are triggered

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