Unlock the Potential of ESG Master Data

ESG Master Data

There is a new challenge on the global enterprise horizon…but the structured process to succeed will be eerily familiar to many of us: Gather, Analyze, Plan, Act. 

Of course, this new challenge is driven by an increasing global commitment to sustainability, and the new framework called ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Most companies understandably focus on the Gather and Analyze phases of addressing ESG. But as we share in this blog, YuzeData helps customers accelerate the process and quickly move to Plan, Act.   

Siloed Data 

With ESG regulatory filings on the near-term horizon, enterprises are working hard to understand their current profile. While ESG has a broad scope, much of the current work focuses on decarbonization and net zero carbon credentials. Enterprises start by calculating their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data sets, conducting materiality assessments, developing ESG roadmaps and making long term ESG commitments. 

One big challenge: The data that informs the actual performance against those long-term commitments is spread all over their organizations. One company told us that they have ESG master data spread across 40 different systems in their organization (HR, Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, EHS, Operations, Transport and more).   

Aggregating all this data is difficult AND automating smart action from the data insights is even more challenging. We do both at YuzeData, and call our approach: Operational ESG. 

Whether the source data is spread across excel sheets, locked in your plant data historian, or siloed in your legacy workflow apps and in-house built tools – we can assist in orchestrating your ESG master data.  

Critically, we also help make your ESG data become actionable intelligence such as:

If you are interested in exploring this with us further, please feel free to request a demo. We would love to help you make your ESG data smart and actionable! 

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