Services and Solutions

At YuzeData, we strive to meet each customer at their current stage in the ESG and EHSQ journey. One solution does not fit all. In addition to offering flexible software solutions, YuzeData provides targeted services to help customers plan, operate and manage their ESG and EHSQ projects.

Services to fit your needs

YuzeData offers expert services in two strategic areas: Connectors as a Service, and Data Assessment and Planning. The goal of our service programs is always one deliverable: help you efficiently leverage your existing data tools to improve ESG and EHSQ outcomes.

Connectors as a Service

The Connected Data platform for ESG and EHSQ focuses on the most common types of system integrations in these domains with pre-built configurable templates. This means faster integration than building it from scratch internally. If you need a new connector that is not in the YuzeData library, we build this out as a maintainable connector in our library for a small extra charge.

Data Assessment and Planning

Providing an ESG or EHSQ data strategy that is future proof, scalable and efficient is key to supporting new requirements. YuzeData can identify EHSQ leading indicator sources and conduct a 'health check' with existing tools. For ESG, YuzeData provides a data 'quality check' assessing your validation processes, anomaly detection systems and auditability.

Solutions designed for ESG and EHSQ

YuzeData offers the following solutions focused on success at varying stages in your maturity journey.

Feed ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting tools need to be have the right data in the right format to report on time. YuzeData makes it easy to connect to source and transactional systems to automate, transform and feed these tools to meet report preparation deadlines. This frees up your team to focus on submission instead of the underlying data.

Optimizing ESG Performance

In order to meet goals and measure performance, more regular monitoring of real-time data across the organization is needed. YuzeData makes it easy to connect to sources and transactional systems to automate, transform and feed performance reporting on an ongoing basis. This means each operating unit can view their interim performance against multiple ESG goals in real time.

Verifiable and Traceable, quality ESG Data

Audit and assurance requires visibility to the source system names, data approvals and verifications before any final reporting. With YuzeData, any data accessed, transformed and provided for reporting has a full audit trail down to the source system with any new required controls added via workflow automation. This means you can implement the right level of control to meet verification and audit requirements.

Portfolio ESG Programs

Portfolio managers must collect and report on data at scale across frameworks and geograhies in their portfolios. YuzeData makes it easy to connect to source and company level data, federate that back to the portfolio company for ongoing reporting and performance management. This provides better visibility into interim performance and where support may be needed.

EHSQ Improving Enterprise Safety

To improve enterprise safety, data is often hidden in multiple siloed tools and systems which makes it difficult to monitor leading indicators. YuzeData makes it easy to connect to multiple EHSQ tools or local systems where this leading indicator data is being managed. This means enterprises get a better operational picture of where the next incident could occur based on real time access to leading indicators.

Industry Programs

Energy, Pharma and Financial Services
For industry-specific programs which rely heavily on multiple disparate data sources, accessing data from them and aggregating results for further processing, YuzeData has out of the box programs and use cases to meet your needs. If the program is not already in the library, YuzeData can work with you to adapt a program template for the specifics of your industry including providing the connectors required.

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Improve outcomes with pre-built use cases

If you want to solve a very specific data problem, you can utilize our library of 150+ expert pre-built use cases designed to surface the right leading indicator data and connect it with the required automated action to deliver new levels of performance. 

Emissions Management Scope 1 & 2

Measuring Scope 1 and 2 emissions is a complex manual task. Yuzedata streamlines this through Data Request Forms and Managed Integrations to Enterprise applications. The collected data can then be pushed to ESG reporting and analytics tools. This enables precise emissions tracking with actionable insights, empowering data-driven sustainability decisions.

Scope 3 Supplier Emissions Consolidation & Reporting

Scope 3 emissions pose a distinct challenge as they're complex to measure accurately from various external sources. YuzeData integrates with these sources or uses Data Request Forms to gather emissions data from supply chain operations, employees, and suppliers. This brings a complete Scope 3 picture, ensuring precise emissions reporting.

Ethical Behavior

Monitoring ethical behavior is essential for maintaining a positive company culture and meeting Governance standards in ESG programs. YuzeData tracks key metrics and indicators using configurable data requests. If expectations are breached, the program initiates intervention measures in other systems, ensuring ESG compliance.

Water Consumption Reduction

Managing water consumption often involves manual data collection and entry, making it difficult to monitor spikes and ensure accurate ESG reporting. YuzeData automates this process by collating water consumption data and enabling continuous monitoring and spike detection. This provides real-time insights, leading to improved process efficiency and accurate ESG reporting.

Major Plant Single Point of failure

Major production plants are vulnerable to single points of failure, where any downtime can lead to a shutdown. This program monitors IOT devices to identify and manage critical vulnerabilities. It assesses the effectiveness of equipment maintenance and work orders related to maintenance and leaks, and can auto create permits for issues. Real-time alerts and automated actions ensure operational efficiency.


Asset utilization, maintenance, safety, and emissions all determine the efficiency and sustainability of production plant operations. This program provides real-time insights into asset utilization rates, schedules preventive maintenance based on actual usage, monitors safety protocols, and tracks emissions levels. Automated alerts and actions enable timely intervention to keep operations running.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes require meticulous oversight for utilization, safety, emissions, and maintenance. This program identifies safety breaches, sending alerts for deviations. Monitoring engine alerts and hours enables scheduling of maintenance and alerting responsible parties. This ensures optimal crane operation, enhances safety, and streamlines maintenance.

wind farm control room monitoring

Managing a wind farm involves monitoring various critical factors, from turbine health to environmental impact. YuzeData automates this by monitoring systems for turbine operating indicators. YuzeData sends real-time alerts if predefined thresholds are crossed or alarms are triggered. This ensures optimal performance, minimizes downtime, and enhances safety.

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