Asset Performance solutions

Put your data to work on your construction site

Asset Performance solutions

Put your data to work on your construction site

A construction site is like a living organism. When all parts are in the right place, at the right time and performing well, it is buzzing with energy and progress.

But all that can come to a standstill rapidly. It takes just one key piece of equipment failing, an order of materials not being delivered on time, a crew not showing up, a storm coming in…

Managing all these risks on one site is hard enough, but for construction companies with many dozens of sites, it becomes a difficult and costly affair.

Just having raw data is not enough

Data was long seen as the solution to these problems. Collecting all the data from your workforce, your supply chain, your assets and deploying digital tools to monitor, manage and report on them should be the answer, right?

Over the past years we learned that this is not enough to optimize performance and run smooth operations. Let’s zoom in on assets as an example.

Just one piece of machinery generates up to 100,000 data records through IoT devices, sensors, or manual tracking. Multiply that by all your equipment on all your sites, and you end up with mountains of raw data.

Making sense of it requires cleansing, transforming, and organizing. It also needs connecting all your data sources to your existing workflow and operational systems, and its historical data.

And once that’s done, the real unlocking of the value can start; transforming the data into information that frontline workers can act on. Of course, that would require the information to be shared in real-time… Yet another hurdle many companies experience.

Making Sense of Asset Data

Focus your data insights on a specific goal

Have you given up yet? Too complex, too time-consuming, too technical, and too costly? You shouldn’t give up. What if there is a different way to access your data? One that starts from a business logic, a specific use case and a clear outcome that matters to you.

Example: Preventing equipment downtime

Let’s say your goal is to prevent unplanned asset downtime. It’s a specific challenge, the benefits to your company are clear and the data mountain has just become far smaller and specific.

So, what’s next?

Cost and time savings are just a few of the benefits

This way of addressing the specific use case challenge – preventing equipment downtime – offers clear benefits:

Put your Data to Work on Your Construction Site

Need a little help?

With our How To Guide, we set you on the right track to optimize equipment performance through better and smarter use of your data