A great user experience – Feeling at home, even while at work

a great user experience

Everybody loves it when you open your favorite app, and you easily navigate to exactly what you were looking for. But why is it often not the same when using applications at work? YuzeData believes in bringing the best user experience into the industrial enterprise. Here is how. 

The very best of consumer app user experience 

Technology companies like Netflix, Uber and Apple have become household names and are immediately recognizable for their interfaces and user experience. They have invested heavily in making their products as accessible as possible and easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. In their business an exceptional experience wins the day! 

They keep it simple, use the latest and greatest technologies (often inventing new ones) and make it easy to navigate and understand. With these experiences the bar is set high for other software applications.  

Back to the 1990s 

Unfortunately, applications in enterprise workflow often have a completely different user experience. Enterprise applications have been built for different purposes, and are often heavily customized or old legacy systems with a user experience that feels more like something from the 1990s.  

Today, however, the needs and expectations of enterprise users are no different than those of consumer users. When people go to work, they expect the same level of high-quality intuitive experience from their technology interactions. This is too often not the case.  

But why… Why can’t templates and libraries in enterprise applications be as easy to search as a Netflix film library? Why can’t maps and asset models be as intuitive as the maps in Uber? And why can’t enterprise applications be as easy to use as your new phone? 

The reality is many work applications are stuck with older legacy technologies that make it difficult to upgrade the user interface to these more modern experiences.  

At YuzeData we have invested heavily in the design of our product as it is our goal to bring consumer-grade user experience to the global enterprise. 

Achieving the optimal user experience 

So how do we deliver the very best user experience to our customers? 

Delivering simplicity and exceptional consumer-grade user experience is tricky for legacy platforms and older technology stacks. At YuzeData, we have architected this from the outset to enable the latest innovations in user experience. We want our business users to feel at home, even while at work. 

a great user experience

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