Connected data for ESG and EHSQ 

The YuzeData platform helps you drive compliance and performance by combining modern data-driven automated action with pre-built expert tools in ESG and EHSQ. Our ESG solutions simplify connecting to the disparate data needed for ESG reporting, then utilize that data to improve ESG performance with automated action and collaboration. Our EHSQ solutions are designed to leverage your existing EHS software, in combination with broad operating data, to become more predictive and impactful.

The Connected Data Platform for ESG and EHSQ

YuzeData is a connected data platform for EHS and ESG that enables organizations to manage risk and improve performance. Our solutions make it easy to connect and validate your data and transform it into smart, automated action. We combine modern data integration with market-leading collaboration tools and pre-built use cases designed by experts in ESG and EHSQ. 

We help you drive outcomes


Stay ESG compliant by connecting all the disparate operating data

Improve ESG reporting and performance with expert designed, pre-built use cases and connectors

Optimize resources and reduce costs with collaboration tools, connectors as a service and natural language engagement


Optimize your EHS platform for better EHS performance with connected data, expert-designed programs and collaboration tools

Become truly predictive by combining your EHS data with disparate operating data

Create enterprise alignment by connecting siloed EHS tools


Create enterprise alignment with industry-specific pre-built programs and connectors

Improve performance with real-time monitoring and collaboration tools that align teams on key outcomes 

Optimize resources and reduce costs with pre-built connectors, connectors as a service and natural language engagement

Insights from our YuzeData experts