For Software Vendors

Transform your integration capability with our AI-powered embedded data platform

Move FASTER, Drive PROFITS and FOCUS your build teams

Connected Data Platform for software vendors

Our connected data platform gives you immediate capability to deliver new value to your customers by offering expert, low maintenance integrations with your customer ecosystems and additional data intelligence services. Key features for vendors are:

Pre-built connectors

Built for purpose connectors

Leverage 200+ connectors out of the box to integrate your software with expert ESG & EHSQ source systems, industry bodies, and customer-specific tools.  Connectors cover categories such as IOT, ERP, EAM, HCM, EHS, SCM, LIMS, BI. 

Plugin capability lets you self-serve and publish new connector capability from a template for immediate availability to customers.

Own-branded Marketplace

Showcase your connectivity

Deploy programs and expert integrations from your own branded content marketplace by industry and/or domain. Drive more enterprise revenue based on visible integration power. 

Powerful usage analytics reveal the most commonly deployed content and how it’s used at customers.

Data pipeline to support AI

Deliver AI & automation

Bring powerful data pipeline management to your customers who want to do more with their connected data. Integrate and deploy AI models at scale on customer data and bring the results into your software to drive added value for a range of use cases e.g. anomaly detection, scenario modelling, advanced analytics.

Scalable monitoring

Centralized issue resolution

Easily monitor the status of all customer deployments from a single operations view. Any issues identify the potential cause and suggested resolution to solve.

Integrate issues easily with your existing customer support processes for fast resolution and minimal maintenance overhead on your engineering team. 

Extensible to customers and partners

Scale to enterprise needs

Empower customers and partners to build and deploy integrations without the cost, risk and distraction to your product and engineering teams.